Counting My Blessings

© 2012 Frank Sugrue all rights reserved


Frank Sugrue:vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass
Billy Novick:tenor sax
Greg Haggard:hand percussion



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You should've seen the moon late last night
Falling through the skylight
What a treasure to behold
Station filling up with gold

Watched it all from my makeshift bed
Shadows dancing all around my head
Taking in the mystery
Light show, it's all for me

This is where I spend my nights
Not so bad it's warm and dry
Though I live out in the open

Before you go and pity me
It's a life that sets me free
My fortune's faded but not broken

Look at them down there, frozen faces
Reading their morning papers
It's a study in black and white
All bathed in Monday's light

Used to be me down there
Half living and unaware
Just a slave to my routine
Living someone else's dream

Here comes the rough and tumble
Platform begins to rumble
It's the 7:34

You'd think the world was about to end
The way they walk like the condemned
And the train opens up its doors


Turn the light down low
Let the last train go
I'll ride the rails of my dreams til dawn

I'm a sight unseen
Nestled in the mezzanine
Counting my blessings til they're all but gone

This life has changed the way I see
The movie that's in front of me
I can see the love inside the light

A farewell sun in the west window
Shines on those with a place to go
And I wish them all a sweet goodnight