Edge of the End

© 2012 Frank Sugrue all rights reserved


Frank Sugrue... vocals, guitar, synth
Eric Kilburn... mandolin
Terry Sugrue... backing vocals
Greg Loughman... bass
Mike Connors... drums



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Kruschev's at the U.N. he's bangin' his shoe
His face is red as a flag, "We will bury you"
Back in the day we hated each other's guts
The righteous Americans evil Soviets

There's a picture of me with my Uncle Ed
Wearin' a new sweatshirt and on the front it said
Moscow University
Hey, pretty funny stuff back when
We were living on the edge of the end

You may remember the phrase, it was all the rage
I'd rather be dead than red
Well that October when we nearly had to choose
Missles on the doorstep
Game was win or lose

Teacher said on Thursday they'll be a test in math
Kid yelled from the back and everybody laughed
What if there is no Thursday?
Hey, pretty funny stuff back then
We were living on the edge of the end

Then one day the whole world changed
Broken countries got new names
Everything we thought we feared

When the Iron Curtain fell
We lost something else as well
Not just our enemy
But our identity

Settled in the back seat we're in for a ride
Watching the Russian countryside
Little gray towns that we're passing through
Look at the squares, they still got the tanks and the statues
We're on a mission to the detski dom
Arms around our children, going to take them home
Nobody should live this way
It's never funny when
You're living on the edge of the end