Fall For An Angel

© 2012 Frank Sugrue all rights reserved
Frank Sugrue:vocals, acoustic guitar
Kevin Barry:electric/slide guitars
Eric Kilburn:backing vocals
Greg Loughman:bass
Mike Connors:drums

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Something about that smile on your face
White ponies running up the beach
Your shoulders move in your hairís embrace
It looks like a waterfall to me

The breath in your voice is cool and blue
I can feel music sweeping in
The sound your dress makes when you move
Like little whispers in the wind

Fall for an angel
Heads up in the sky
I should have my feet on the ground
I ought to know better
Than to get this high
When you fall for an angel
Itís a long way down

Do you carry a license for that smile
Or know what it does to me inside
Playing an melody with your eyes
An ocean tapping along in the moonlight


Iím twisted up in the midnight deep
Ceiling fan ticking away my time
Iíll see the sun before the sunny side of sleep
As long as youíre rolling round my mind