Just For A Change

© 2012 Frank Sugrue all rights reserved

Frank Sugrue:vocals, guitar
Billy Novick:clarinet
Greg Loughman:bass
Mike Connors:drums

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Waitress come over says
What'll ya have, hon?
You mull it over while she snaps her gum
You say I'll have the pancakes - no. make it french toast
      Nevermind I'll have the eggs this time
I'll like 'em scrambled - no, over easy
With hash browns if they're not too greasy
With English instead of toast, if you don't mind

I like my coffee with a little decaf
With milk on the side instead of half-and-half
And one more thing, could I please have
A glass of lemon water when you're free?

Well that waitress looks a little annoyed
She looked at me and says What about you, boy?
I told her I'll just have a Number Three


You'd think just for a change, you could take things as they are
Maybe, give it up and learn to let it go
Instead you rearrange the world to suit your heart
You say This can't be right
This can't be left alone

We're going to a party, we're already late
You've tried on eight dresses and you look great
But then again, I thought you looked great
About and hour ago

You're lookin' me over once or twice
Honey, that blue shirt might really look nice
And maybe you could do something with your hair