There's A Little Place

© 2012 Frank Sugrue all rights reserved


Frank Sugrue:vocals, acoustic guitar
Kevin Barry:electric guitar, lap steel
Lori Diamond:backing vocals
Eden Macadam-Somer:fiddle
Greg Loughman:bass
Mike Connors:drums



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Barbara was the blushing bride
Innocent and teary-eyed
Leaning lovely next to her man

Andrew with a look of pride
Tall and handsome by her side
Smiling into the camera lens

But the years roll by, they stumble and fall
One day she finds Andy is gone
If she hadn't been so much to him
Maybe she could begin
Leading a life on her own


There's a little place down next to your heart
Where you go to be your own best friend
Don't give it away, you're gonna need it some day
You never know when you'll be alone again

All the years down at the bank
Danny rose up through the ranks
A wonder child, then the company man
He used to say that midnight oil
Elbow grease and sweat and toil
That's what made me what I am

Then times got hard and they had to let him go
With a pink slip and handshake goodbye
If he hadn't given all he'd had
He wouldn't be so lost and sad
Be a little meaning in his life


When Papa's health began to go
Deb said "Dad, I think you know
It's best if you move in here with me"
She didn't mind the endless spiels
Washing clothes and cooking meals
Taking care of all his needs

But now he's gone and the house seems so cold
She's wondering how to find her own way
If she hadn't given quite so much
Maybe now she could touch the joy she buried with him in his grave