Trouble's Got A Name

© 2012 Frank Sugrue all rights reserved

Frank Sugrue:vocal, acoustic guitar, electric piano
Kevin Barry:electric guitar
Lori Diamond:backing vocals
Greg Loughman:bass
Mike Connors:drums

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Trouble's got a name
But you haven't heard it yet
Once you start the game
You'll wish you could forget
Trouble's got a face
And she's got a plan
Trouble wrote a play
You're the leading man

The day you put her number in your wallet
You said this feels right, must be solid
Now the phone's been ringing in the middle of the night
Car pulls up across the street, dimming its lights

Trouble's got a smile
That gets inside your skin
Takes a little while
Before the burn begins
At first you think it's sweet
Hey, feelin' kind of nice
But then you feel the squeeze
Trouble's got a vice

Try to think way back to the beginning
Your heart was pounding, head was spinning
Oh, those memories are all but gone
Your soul looks like your bank account, overdrawn

Trouble's got a walk
And she's walkin' over here
Once you hear her talk
And that music's in your ears
Then she's got you hooked
And you're underneath her spell
Cause Trouble's got that look
Trouble's got that smell
Once the word is out
You will never be the same
Since the minute you found out
Trouble's got a name