Workin' Too Hard

© 2012 Frank Sugrue all rights reserved
Frank Sugrue:vocals, acoustic guitar
Billy Novick:clarinet

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It seems in life you just work til death
Til your hands are rigid and your ears are deaf
The only way to make it in the world's
With sweat and blood

All this livin' just makes no sense
When the sinners prosper at the saint's expense
Put your heart in your wallet and soul
With your credit cards

Well there's a breeze blowin' the other way
Turn your ears, what's it have to say
Creatures around you are living in bliss
They're telling you there's a way of
Overcoming this

So we struggle to the bitter end
We find what we're after, maybe lost some friends
To reach the top, you've got to stand on your toes or
Fall down on your knees

Maybe you're workin' too hard